This is a short installation guide for the RUNTRONIC.

The Runtronic will work great on your engine (after some work put in on your side). Our systems are not "bolt-on". Most of our customers need to modify some of their old parts to work with the Runtronic. But it is well worth the effort. What sets the advance curve is how you set up the trigger mechanism. The set up described below will give you a maximum advance of 23 degrees. This can later be adjusted.

We recommend you remove the magneto flywheel, ignition coil and points. Have the flywheel put up in a lathe and cut out the centerpiece that goes on the crankshaft taper. If this piece is not in aluminum, you will have to make an aluminum disc. The diameter of this disc should be 1.5 inches, and have it mounted on the centerpiece. On this new aluminum disc, you mount the magnet (5 mm x 5 mm dia.). On the old backingplate you mount the sensor. It is a good idea to slot the mounting holes on the backingplate to allow some timing adjustments later. The sensor is mounted so that the magnet will pass it with an air gap of 4.3 mm. and they should line up at TDC. This is your trigger mechanism.

The ignition module can be placed anywhere on your engine or frame (a good spot is under the gas tank). The module has a built-in coil and it runs on 5-6 VDC (battery). Mount the battery somewhere that is easy to get to (sometimes you are going to have to charge it or replace it). The Runtronic system is extremely efficient and pulls very little current so you can go for a very long time on one charge (17 hours at 5000 rpm on a 2 Ah battery)!

At starting rpm, the spark advance is 0 degrees. It puts out a double spark at this speed, which makes the engine real easy to start and the idle nice and stable. The spark timing advance increases with a logarithmic curve to reach 23 degrees at app. 5000 rpm. From there on up it is static.

We have raced a small motorcycle with the Runtronic and it works great. It gave the 70 cc Honda much better torque and top end power. Never had to worry any more about passing under braking -- could just wait for the straight and pass the competition on brute power... Made racing almost easy.