About us:


is a division of EDSTROEM ENTERPRISES, L.C., Lake Forest Park, Washington.

We focus on performance-enhancing devices for internal combustion engines, and have in-house expertise in the fields of model engines, operation of models of different kinds, motorcycle racing and design of superchargers and supercharging systems.

For the engine enthusiast who wants a real state-of-the-art ignition system, we can offer the "smart" electronic spark ignition system RUNTRONIC, which can be used on engines from a fraction of a cubic inch up to full size engines with many cylinders. Conceived, developed and manufactured in Sweden, these units are small wonders that can accomplish amazing things.

In the supercharging field, we have been working with miniature superchargers of the Roots-type for model size engines, as well as larger superchargers of roots and screw type. Rotor profiles of different kinds for such superchargers have been designed - and new ones can be developed for practically any application. A novel supercharging system, now patented, is also one of our assets.

With a strong interest in model engines, we have a close contact with many model engine builders, engine collectors and RC flyers. We will use this site for information about interesting developments in this field.